PDF Viewer Copying Text



Hello guys,

Firstly let me just say I love the Brave browser and am very grateful for it. I’m not really sure if this is a bug or a feature suggestion (or even something on my end) but here we go:

I am using the PDF Viewer extension. When I visit: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf for example there are a few problems that occur.

  1. Copying using the mouse seems to be absurdly hard and requires immense precision. I feel like this shouldn’t be the case.
  2. New lines and tabs do not seem to transfer to the clipboard, resulting in a continuous line of text when trying to copy code/text. Take for example the code on page 7. It yields a result of:

.#include <math.h>double AttackerSuccessProbability(double q, int z){ double p = 1.0 - q; double lambda = z * (q / p); double sum = 1.0; int i, k; for (k = 0; k <= z; k++) { double poisson = exp(-lambda); for (i = 1; i <= k; i++) poisson *= lambda / i; sum -= poisson * (1 - pow(q / p, z - k)); } return sum;}

Thanks and sorry to be a nuisance :slight_smile:


@nebular, hello! Thanks for reaching out! It looks like this may indeed be an issue with our PDF viewer. While I do a little digging and testing to confirm, would you mind providing me with your about:brave information?

Thank you :slight_smile: