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Hello guys,

Firstly let me just say I love the Brave browser and am very grateful for it. I’m not really sure if this is a bug or a feature suggestion (or even something on my end) but here we go:

I am using the PDF Viewer extension. When I visit: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf for example there are a few problems that occur.

  1. Copying using the mouse seems to be absurdly hard and requires immense precision. I feel like this shouldn’t be the case.
  2. New lines and tabs do not seem to transfer to the clipboard, resulting in a continuous line of text when trying to copy code/text. Take for example the code on page 7. It yields a result of:

.#include <math.h>double AttackerSuccessProbability(double q, int z){ double p = 1.0 - q; double lambda = z * (q / p); double sum = 1.0; int i, k; for (k = 0; k <= z; k++) { double poisson = exp(-lambda); for (i = 1; i <= k; i++) poisson *= lambda / i; sum -= poisson * (1 - pow(q / p, z - k)); } return sum;}

Thanks and sorry to be a nuisance :slight_smile:


@nebular, hello! Thanks for reaching out! It looks like this may indeed be an issue with our PDF viewer. While I do a little digging and testing to confirm, would you mind providing me with your about:brave information?

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is possible; you have Acrobat, open the document, and then open the Document Properties dialog (you should ifnd it under File --> Properties. There you select the Security tab and select as Security Method Password Security. This opens a dialog where you can specify which settings to apply. Note that there is a checkbox which exlicitely allows copying of contents; make sure you don’t check it. Allowed changes would probably be “Filling out forms…”. You will also have to specify the password to change these settings.

When you are done, save (a copy of) the document (a copy is important, because you do want an unprotected version for your further development), and then you close the document. Only when you reopen it, the new security settings are active. then add Reader Extensions (RE) to the PDF when done. You can specify what they can and cannot do with the PDF. RE can be enabled (PRO ONLY) in Acrobat 9 under the Advanced menu. X and XI under the File | SaveAs other… menu.

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