PDF - use of default system viewer?

How can I configure Brave to open .PDF in the default system viewer (e.g. foxIt) instead of the built in viewer?

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You can force it to download PDF’s by going to “brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments”. From there Windows will treat it as any other file and open it as desired.

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The solution proposed by Creegz is not the intended behavior.

Who wants to save a file and remember it’s name and type it in… ?

My Google Chrome and my Firefox both download the file, save it temporary and start my system viewer for PDFs (FoxIt.exe).

It pops up on the bottom as any downloaded file and can be opened by clicking on it or going to the Downloads folder. As it stands I cannot find an option for the behavior you’re looking for though. This might fall under the category of feature requests.

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