PDF, table of contents, jumps to a ‘Dest’ ignore /View

Brave Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (x86_64) running under Mac OS X 10.13.6.

As is well known, a #tag can be used to link to an ID in an HTML page. The same is true of a PDF: a PDF can contain named ‘DEST’inations, which can be used for internal linking (from the table of contents, say) and for linking from outside.

Go to
and it correct zooms to the ‘Ck67’ circle. Hurray!

Next show the table of contents (small icon beneath the thumbnails icon, far left). Much of this table of contents comprises links to named ‘DEST’inations within the document. These destinations all jump to the correct page. So try those in
§ Re-ordered > Zooms of glass circles > [any]
These jump to the correct page, but ignore the /View specification within the page.

Please could the within-page /View be heeded when arriving there from the table of contents?

Some technical info. These PDFs are made by distilling hand-coded PostScript.

The command that adds the relevant Dest is of the form
mark /Dest /Circle_00_01_02 /View [/FitR x r sub y r sub x r add y r add] /DEST pdfmark
in which x, y and r are the position and radius of the circle. The PDF might echo the format of the PostScript.

As an aside, FYI, perhaps relevant, might be an old Chrome bug which was fixed in 2021: