PDF Reader laggggggggggggggggggg

PDF’s are super laggy when I read them in Brave browser (and Google Chrome so probably chromium based browsers). On Firefox, Edge and Safari they seem to be working just fine.
I’ve already tried to enable/disable hardware acceleration, clearing cache and reinstalling but that didn’t change anything.

I only seem to have this issue on my old iMac (Intel) and custom desktop (with Ryzen and GTX 1070), on my laptop (Asus Vivobook S14 Intel Iris Xe) it seems to be working just fine though.

This issue’s been going on for as long as I’ve been using Brave and I’m sick of it, any way to fix this? Feel free to ask for more information if needed.

Link to the Laggy pdf sample?

Tested the following; (seems fine so far)

Hey Ryan,

It happens with pretty much every pdf, no matter the size of the file. Also the pdf files you’ve opened seem to be giving me the same result on my desktop and iMac, on my laptop they work just fine (apart from the last one on my laptop, it had some stuttering but wasn’t that annoying).

Feel free to ask for more questions/testing. Would really love to fix this issue.

Did some testing comparisons, Lag can be really subjective. So a way to put an actual number on it is to use the performance tools in Brave (and Chrome). F12, Performance Tab, Start Profiling button. And run it a few times to get a basic average.

Getting around the same load times, Chrome pdf viewer isn’t the quickest but getting the same amount of time in ms. (+/- 500ms). Mac Chrome got basically the same results.

  • Check Chrome, is it slow there also (could be just the pdf renderer)
  • Test Brave in private window mode, with no extensions

I would keep HW acceleration enabled.

Brave Mac (M1 Macbook):

Brave Windows:

Chrome Windows:

Hey there,

I’ve found a fix for my lag (on my windows desktop). I went to brave://flags and chose OpenGL for ANGLE graphics backend and that seemed to fix it for my windows desktop.
For the iMac I haven’t been able to test that yet.

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