PDF / Powerpoint Viewer Menu Bar is persistent / always on top

I moved from Dissenter to Brave, love your browser it sync’s yay!
I take screenshots (alt-prtsc) of PDF presentations and save to one drive for easy picture flipping etc. for clients vs keeping the entire PDF. One feature that dissenter had was the presentation bar would disappear after a few seconds or pressing esc. I do an ctrl-shift-b to remove the shortcut bar to increase screen area. The powerpoint bar takes up a lot of valuable screen space, can you add a feature for it to remove itself after a period of time & esc?
Moving the mouse in dissenter would have the bar reappear then after 5sec or pressing esc it would disappear again.

I have also noticed that when you select fit to width a horizontal scroll bar shows at the bottom, I can at least change the percentage from 117% to 115 or 116% to remove the scroll bar. Technically fit to width wouldn’t generate a scroll bar. Not a huge issue since I can change the % with brave but that feature could use a tweak to not generate the scroll bar.

Thanks for your consideration, time & a great browser.