PDF opening: Unexpected server response


When trying to open a PDF through a web site that requires authentication, I get an error that there is an unexpected server response. This happens to me with two sites where I publish books and when logged in to my account, I try to view the proof PDF of my book. The sites are ingramspark.com and createspace . com. This works fine on other browsers. The sites open a new window to view the PDF.

I’ve tried turning off shields and that doesn’t help.

The exact error is:

[inside a red box] Unexpected server response [Less information button]

PDF.js v1.9.457 (build: 73aa2d92)
Message: Unexpected server response (500) while retrieving PDF “https://image-hub.lightningsource.com/2011-04-01/Documents/eproof/sku/xxxxxxxxxx.pdf”.

I’m running Brave 0.20.30 on Windows 10.

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