PDF opening in the browser rather than Acrobat


C. A listing of:
i. Windows 10 Pro v. 1703
ii. Brave Version 0.17.13
D. Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.
I downloaded a PDF file, and a new tab opens showing the PDF in the browser. I want it to automatically open all PDF files in Adobe Acrobat X Pro. My default app settings are already set to open PDFs with Adobe Acrobat X Pro.


Nevermind, I turned off the PDF viewer extension. Maybe ask the first time a PDF is opened whether to open in the default OS PDF app and turn the browser PDF viewer off.


Opening the PDF within the browser is the standard behavior for all browsers with PDF out-of-the box functionality. Not really sure how useful that would be to do.

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I get that, but it just wasn’t clear how to fix it to open in Acrobat. I first went to default app settings on the OS, and set PDF files to open in Acrobat, but it still occurred. It was only later when I was checking on the Brave settings that the extension was set to enabled for PDF viewer. So it wasn’t that obvious, and having some popup box the first time a PDF is opened in Brave to ask whether to keep using the PDF viewer extension to view PDFs in the browser or to disable it so that the OS default app can open the file instead.

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