PDF, open directly and not download when click on it

I just install Brave 0.23.107

But when I click on a .PDF file, it saves the file but does not open it directly.

With Mozilla Firefox, I managed the settings and I can now open it, but I can not find how to handle it with Brave.

Can your help me cause I use it a lot

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Hi @tanguy,
The ability to set files to auto-open once downloaded is currently unavailable in the live release of Brave. We have an issue logged for it here : https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/1385 https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/13714.
However, I wager that its unlikely that this feature will be implemented in any of our Muon (current live release) builds. I can confirm, however, that this feature will come along with Brave 1.0 when it releases.

If you want, you can download our early Developer Build where this feature is already implemented! If you chose to, note that this is still a very early build of Brave 1.0 and the product is not yet complete. Additionally, you can download the Developer build and install/run it in parallel with the current version of Brave you have (so you don’t have to worry about uninstalling/replacing your current Brave build).

@Mattches wrong GitHub link? :sweat_smile:

@tanguy Brave have PDF.js integrated to the browser (see Preferences > Extensions). You should be able open it directly inside the Brave. But there’s a known issue, IIRC, where the pdf file get downloaded instead of open it in the browser.

Apologies, good catch @eljuno. I’ve edited my previous post to reflect the correct link. Also, perhaps I misunderstood the question. @tanguy, are you saying you’d like to download the PDF file then open the file in your systems default PDF viewer or would you like the PDF, once downloaded, to open in Brave?