PDF Forms Don't Respond in Brave

PDF Forms apparently aren’t supported in Brave’s PDF viewer. They work as expected in Adobe Reader but are not responsive in Brave. They are created in LibreOffice Writer, exported as PDF forms and work with Adobe Reader but not in Brave’s native reader. Can provide examples as email attachments or links if anyone is interested.

Hi, @jimbrooking. Do the forms work with other browser plugins for you? The forms I’ve tried almost never work with any of the browsers I’ve tried and have to be filled with Reader.

So-- I installed Adobe Reader and it apparently took over as the system (Windows 7) PDF handler.for Brave, Opera, Chrome

Wouldn’t behave as expected in Firefox.

I had installed the Adobe Reader to see f it would handle the forms correctly, and it apparently does. Built-in PDF viewers in Chrome and Brave didn’t work.

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