PDF file won't open / Screenshot


I was on an important website here in France (“Pole Emploi”), looking for my papers in PDF, but I couldn’t open them. So, I share with you a screenshot of the description of the problem, if it might help. I succeed to open them on Mozilla Firefox, the problem is not from the website.

I noticed that on some websites, PDF files work, and on some others they don’t.

Otherwise, thank you for Brave, and good luck!



Version 0.67.123 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Thank you for reaching out.
Would you mind sharing the link to the site in which you’re attempting to download/view the PDF files on so that I can test it on my end?

Hello @TMcRae and @Mattches,

Yes I can, but I doubt you can connect. This is a website that helps french people to find work in France, named Pôle Emploi: https://www.pole-emploi.fr

Bonjour, @Jeireme, et bienvenue. While @Mattches is far more versed than I am, your issue sounds a lot like the one addressed by the thread quoted below.

Hello @hnktong,

Actually, I couldn’t even download the PDF, because it didn’t load in the first place. Otherwise, I will do like the other person you quoted, or if needed I’ll use another browser.

Honestly, I wasn’t in trouble, I only want to help the developpement team by explaining them the issue I occured. I’m ok! :grin:

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OH, I see. Glad you don’t necessarily need the workaround. :smiley:

Appreciate your support!
I imagine that this will change in the next couple updates to the browser, as we’re moving away from our previous built-in PDF viewer implementation (pdf.js) to a new one (pdfium) which has been performing very well. Its available in nightly and dev builds now so you should see this change reflected in release soon.

@hnktong & @Mattches,

Great, I look forward to seeing future improvements then. :blush:

Good luck, bye!

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