PDF file "Corrupted" when opening in browser


Brave cannot open a PDF file in the browser. I tried opening my boarding pass from EasyJet, and it claims that the file was corrupted, even though I am opening the file directly from the website.


would you mind confirming that the URL does not have .pdf as a file extension?


Hello @suguru - confirming that the URL that the “Print Boarding Pass” call to action points me to:



Good to know! Is it ok to close this as a duplicate of URL ending with “.pdf” causes Brave to ignore Content-Type, then fail because document is not PDF ?


Yes, thank you so much!


Brave is just problematic in handling ‘.pdf’ sites!!! Not quite true and brave ‘randomly’ opens .pdf’s. Some open originally then won’t open. Seems to be a totally random problem. NEVER try to print a pdf from a tab, always down load it and open it Acrobat.