Pdf file automatically downloading without permission


Brave will allow a website to automatically download a pdf file to my phone
without my permission. Can this be prevented?

Here’s an example: I was curious about a Bank of America fee, so I did a duck-duck-go
search on: “boa 25 maintenance fee”. For me, the 5th result is entitled, “Personal
Schedule of Fees - Bank of America”. It looks just like the other results but when I
click on it I get an automatic download of the pdf about their fees. This is
frustrating because there’s no way to tell which sites plan to download stuff. Any
insight on this would be great.

Running LG G5 phone with Noughat
Brave 1.0.8 All Shields up except fingerprint


I think it is a more complex task, as we use a system downloader currently, but we will need to implement some kind of download manager for that. Something that need to be investigated.

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