PDF cannot be viewed in brave browser without downloading it first

I have installed brave browser recently and it’s kind of disappointing that I can’t view pdf files without downloading it first. Whenever I click a pdf link to view it, save is the only option. I already unchecked the “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Brave” in pdf documents under site and shield settings.

Hello @dihn

could you try this link https://s1.q4cdn.com/806093406/files/doc_downloads/test.pdf and till me if it also get downloaded or viewed ?

and have a nice day

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I am having the same issue

what is your platform ?

and does the link i posted earlier work or not and did you disabled “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Brave in the setting

iPhone Xr in 14.0.1.

I am not sure where to disable PDF .

It works fine on my Safari browser.

sorry i do not have any ios device to check if that option available to ios or not

Ok, I was able to pull up the test link ok.

It may have something to do with certain PDF’s.

The one I am trying to pull up is on https://mydom.dominionenergy.com website. It downloads the file to a “showbillimage.pdf” which I can’t open. On Safari, it pulls it up on the web site without downloading the file.

Not sure what is going on but it is making me have to use Safari to look at my energy bills.

i can not test your site as i do not have account and i am also do not have ios as i said earlier

could you try to disable all extension and also clear cache or disable shield or any combination of them and let me know if anything work

hope anything help and have a nice day

Nothing seems to work, it just keeps downloading the file but still can’t see it.
Also, found something else under “clear private data”. In the attached picture is a screenshot of five items I can select or not. If I unselect them, they all come back selected when I go
out and come back to the same screen. Is that suppose to do that?

from my iPhone

does that happen when you use chrome if you have it

not sure of this

Yes, it comes right up on Chrome and Safari. Chrome opens up a second window displaying the PDF.

sorry idk let me ask someone from the team @Aa-ron to help you

and have a nice day alll of you

Hi. Yes, I am able to view the pdf without downloading it.

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Tried it. None of it worked :<

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Brave browser on my laptop win10 and version 1.15.72

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i see it related to the site

for example the following links get viewed


but this downloaded

so not sure about the site you mention

so maybe brave let pdf view only if it has direct link but if it was behind button or something like that it get downloaded

hope that clear the behavior and have a nice day :slight_smile:


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