PC stall for a while after Brave closes

PC stalls for a while after Brave closes:

Happens every time

Actual Result (No screen shot)

Expected result:

Happens every time Brave closes

Windows 10 and now windows 11 Brave version 1.38.119

Doesn’t happen with any other browser

I can’t check anything as the PC waits for a while before I can do anything on it.
It is not clear to me how to find the template


@Chrisa Try this

  1. Open Brave, then open a new private windows by holding all the following keys at the same time CTRL+SHIFT+N
  2. Try openining few pages then close browser. If PC doesnt stall, one of you extensions might be the problem.

If it is still stalling, make sure

  • You clear browser cache @ brave://settings/privacy and restart browser
  • Hardware acceleration and Brave running in the background are disabled at brave://settings/system
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