Paypal tip request within spotify player extension

Hi, I just installed the Spotify Player extension from the Brave webstore. Within the extension I got a Paypal request to give a tip. But I cannot verify in the helptopic “How do I tip websites and Content Creators in Brave Rewards?” if this kind of request is to be trusted. Somebody to help me out? Thank you.

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First have you ever tip any content creator before? If yes you do just like you always do. If you don’t know how , just select the appropriate content creator , after it goes to it ; select from the top of your laptop right conner, you shall see a red triangle at the top representing BAT, click it ,it will take you to a bottom menu where you shall select ‘‘a tip button’’, then give what ever a tip you want to give ,end of the story.

ok. thanks for the answer.

@Roaring7 Key thing is no, that has nothing to do with Brave. That would have been your extension or any malware you have. Brave has nothing to do with Paypal at this point.

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@Saoiray Hi. Thank you. You are right: it was within the extension so I guess its just another way to support developers. If I go to the support page of the extension I get this:
I think it’s not a scam after all. I just panicked out. slight_smile:

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I believe you misunderstood the message displayed to you. It has nothing to do with Brave or tipping creators.

What your extension is asking you is to tip the developers of that extension via Paypal. i.e. you log in your Paypal account and send them money.

Obviously you only tip if you want. But that’s a way to compensate all the work those developers spent to develop and make that extension available.

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