PayPal ordering workflow might be broken in Brave but works on Chrome


Hi there! I’m running Brave 0.17.16 on MacOS 10.11.6, on my Mac.

I’m rather liking the Brave browser, however, on two sites so far, the PayPal workflow appears to be broken. This is where you click on a link to pay for something, it takes you to PayPal, you pay, then it comes back to the merchant for completion.

I wish I had taken a screenshot of the issue. Said something about a missing token or session not found.

At first, I thought PayPal was down, but then it happened for two different sites. Tried again on Chrome, and it worked great!

Has anybody else tried purchasing anything from a website, and paying with PayPal? Did it work for you? I wonder what’s breaking for me, then.



Think its an issue with 3rd party cookie. Could you try enabling Allow all cookies in shields and then try the next time.


Thanks! I was able to solve the problem this way:

  1. Go to PayPal, log in there, use the lion menu to set “Shields Down”.

  2. Go back to the site I was originally trying to buy something on, log in there, use the lion menu to set “Shields Down”.

  3. Complete purchase. Both PayPal, and the site, must be marked as Shields Down, otherwise it still didn’t work.

This is a difficult UI to follow, because when you click on something that uses a third party site to accomplish something such as a purchase, Brave doesn’t know that the third party site is OK. Because the user isn’t actually viewing the third party site, there’s no way to use the lion menu for it. I had to be quick to watch the URL bar, to notice the third party site that was being loaded. Then, in another tab, I navigated to that third party site manually, and was able to get into the lion menu from there, by virtue of the third party site having its own browser tab session (not just buried in some other site’s session).



As a followup, it turns out that this wasn’t sufficient. I had to use the orange lion menu to set “Shields Down” for a total of three sites:

  1. The site that was originally trying to sell me something

  2. The third-party payment processor site (in this case, was the site, and I was lucky to figure this out)

  3. If PayPal, then must also be set to “Shields Down”

Problem is, when I visit Site #1 and want to buy something, they pop up a new JavaScript layer which appears as an overlay over the existing webpage, but is served from Site #2. The address bar doesn’t change in this case, so it took a bit of experimentation to figure out what site was actually being loaded here. I had to open up Site #2 in a separate Brave tab, manually, by typing in the site name. Then, I could use the orange lion menu to set “Shields Down”.

I then tried the purchase again, back at Site #1. The payment checkout process all takes place within Site #1, from the point of view of the user, but they are pulling in some JavaScript from Site #2. I think they take credit cards directly there, but I’m not sure. If PayPal is used, then it also pulls in some JavaScript from Site #3.

Ideally, Brave would be able to apply “Shields Down” recursively, to all sites that are referenced from the main site that the user is viewing. Then, complicated multi-site things, such as this payment workflow, would work properly in Brave.