Payouts for this month

hi admins
payout for this month still in progress or it is already done ??

Still in progress :slight_smile:


when continue payout complete this month ?

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On Android, auto-fix will be applied in next version of the app. Otherwise see this thread:

Specifically this part:

If you didn’t get paid, and none of the above apply to you email us

  1. the estimated balance you were expecting and
  2. your brave://rewards-internals data to


PS. And check the second thread too:

Hey sir, can u help me please. I didn’t receive payments 2nd month

“Claim” issue will be solved in the following UPCOMING versions of Brave app:

1.18.1 Android
1.16.1 iOS
1.9 Desktop

Just stay patient, eventually constructive (and definitely - positive) like many of us are here:


did you solve the problem?

no, the problem has not yet been resolved

hi admins
payout for this month still in progress or it is already done ??
If done, why do I not have any report under “View Statements” ?

Hi, ad payouts for verified uphold wallets have completed from what I’m told on reddit. I haven’t received mine either but they have my internals from last month so I’m hoping something gets sorted soon™

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I have not received my payout yet. @Asad, @steeven, @eljuno please check again.

Payment day is approaching and you blocked my reward.
interesting! yesterday it was oki.
I understand that I will not receive payment ??

@jack76p @newkindofmoon @loved4g @steeven @Marco @sneakybrit

Mine was like that last month but was updated towards the payment date (the 8th). I’m sure you will receive your payment as well.

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second month in a row. last payment - April. May = 0 bat. and account lockout due to 2FA although I didn’t change anything. now the same problem. mockery

I hear you @jack76p. I’d be frustrated too, but there’s been a few system bugs recently, which the technical guys are resolving daily I’m sure this will be fixed as well. Give it until the 8th. Are you now able to log in to your account?

yes, I just logged in. yesterday was oki and today not ?? just before payment?

Great, I’m glad you are now able to log in. I’m sure it should be updated by tomorrow.

and I think that the situation will be similar tomorrow. brave avoids payment. you have to warn others. twitter, facebook

Before that, I’d say it’s fair to wait for the 8th. considering the 2fa issue.

Nothing can be sure! In previous month, It still displayed same, but we have not received anything.
But thanks for your said to make us have the hope