Payout to a publisher from Russia

Hello everybody. I am a publisher from Russia. My last payout was in September. In the period from September to the present, referrals were confirmed on the balance 750+ BAT
@Steeven, please answer - will publishers from 5 blocked countries get paid? During this time, not a few have accumulated on their wallets BAT - they earned honestly.

You will not receive tokens, the developers will not pay.

Я тоже из России, узнавал месяц назад у разработчиков.

Here we are talking about paying for new referrals.
@Aa-ron Will we get paid in December?
I sent you a message, look at it. Thanks!

LOL. The sunsetting article said that they will pay until January 8th. The new referrals wont get you BAT. but all the referrals from October to November 22nd will get paid. (30 days confirmation until December 24th). Please read carefully and dont spread wrong information. That can lead to more problems.

Hi @Dai_Pe4enbky, as mentioned in June, the referral program in Russia ended in the summer

But, the installations for which the above balance was charged were made before the end of the referral program. You yourself understand - after the end of the referral program, technically, I would not have received a single installation.

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