Payout Sep.... 2020

Buenas tardes, sera que los pagos siguen en progreso o ya culminaron? espero su resuesta

check the thread that I attached above steeven you will see his updates regarding the payment, he notifies there when the payments have been completed for now they are still in process

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steeve just updated that payments are being processed … they are not the only ones waiting we are all the same, let’s keep calm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Asi es a esperar un rato mas, usted de que pais es?

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I’m from Narnia because I always try to look on the positive side of things hahaha :relaxed: and yes, we must wait until the payments are processed in full and in case of not receiving it, try to open a single thread so that they attend to all of us because I understand it must be a bit difficult for them to attend to 20 threads with the same topic …

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ohh perfecto, si lose incluso no he abierto ni un hilo hoy, solo esperar un poco mas…

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we keep losing BAT coins so we never meet the threshold ever again

I will speak for me, I do not particularly think that we are losing, if at some point what he received compensated what he had deposited because the rest was profit … maybe they have some problems and failures at this time? Well, yes, it is possible, but I think that it can still be given a chance, it is a good project, I am not defending anyone, I am only giving my point of view, in fact even today I have not received my payment and I am getting a little nervous but even so I prefer to wait before making any toxic comment and beyond that if I have a problem try to solve it in the best way! This is nothing more than my humble and positive opinion, in the same way I respect the opinion of others! :sparkling_heart:


ya hay personas diciendo que esta cayendo su pago, todos con calma que pueden tardar hasta un par de dias…

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well I had nearly $6 in bat it dropped down to $2.30 that is losing it not gaining it

I just got paid for referrals. Thanks Brave


yeyyy good news, thanks for reporting it here :sparkling_heart:

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hi but i only received my payment for the tips i collected as publisher payment. will i be receiving referral payment soon???

you should receive them, they have not finished processing those payments yet, here we are waiting

I received my full payment, the wait was worth it, Thanks Brave!


Received Only Tips. Don’t know if i will receive referral payment.

they are still processing payments … please wait! :sparkling_heart:

Does this (the delay) include ad payouts? B/c I have not yet received my ad payouts.

Payments are still processing - Publishers Payout Update Thread: September 2020.