Payout report your account was locked

now what is issue tell Me sir

Your account gets automatically locked for the remainder of the current payment cycle, and you’ll have to wait until it carries over until the next one, provided you’re still valid and your account is still in good standing. It’s a security measure that happens automatically, there would’ve been a warning about this when going to remove the 2FA protection from your account. They mention this in the documentation for Brave Rewards/Publishers.

So unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait, friend. Until April 6th or the 8th or whatever day it is that you get paid on usually, just next month. I am pretty sure that there’s nothing any of the staff can do to help you as this sort of feature kicks in automatically.

Note: my answer ends above. Below is a bit of a commentary on this issue:

As to the fact that Brave has set up their system to do this: to be honest I’m not quite sure why they have this as a default setting to begin with. Like, if someone was ostensibly to have access to this level of administration over your account, you are already proper screwed. I mean, seeing as how you can’t even log in to the website without first requesting a URL be sent to your registered email address, then you still have to enter in your 2FA code.

Even after all that—which would mean they have gained access to the e-mail address you are using on the account (let’s hope in this little fantasy scenario it’s not the same email address you’ve used with other important accounts), but that they also have somehow managed to get your 2FA codes. AKA, a highly unlikely scenario even for the most super 1337 h4x0rs out there. Yes, even after ALL of this, it isn’t as if they can then just jack the pending BAT payment°° that’s due to come to you anyway. Like, what are they gonna do? Assuming they don’t have access to your Uphold account that’s linked to the profile, all they can really do-as far as I am aware-is sit there and look at the money owed to the account, read over historical statements, mess with the default tip amounts/design of the in-browser tip windows or at worst they could theoretically disconnect your linked social media profiles. They wouldn’t be able to add their own, and they wouldn’t be able to fetch your uphold wallet, as you’d have to be logged in for that.

So unless there’s something major I’m missing here, or some kind of way that would allow a nefarious actor to divert the payout to themselves instead of the legitimate party, this setting makes no sense to me. Seems almost like an oddly punitive measure designed to punish someone who in the majority of instances likely lost their phone and didn’t back up their 2FA keys or whatever.

°° - NOTE: This only applies, of course, assuming that you’re lucky enough to get it, and not one of us poor schmucks left with no help and no answers or updates on your sizable amount of “missing” BAT and “processing” payout that’s been pending for over 4 months now*—like me, that is).

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