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Yesterday evening, l logged in my account and it is written about Payout Progress ‘’ At the time we generated the payout report your account was locked status from removing your 2FA. You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle.’’ I do not understand and what it does mean !!!. I need help :frowning: :frowning: :thinking: :thinking: :cry: :cry:

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Why you remove 2FA go to security and enable 2FA. App on your phone is better option.

Dear Friend,
When l created Brave account first time, l set up 2FA. By this way the system gave a kodu of 2fa ( If reset your phone or uninstall Gogle Auth., you can install brave 2fa by this kod, kod is stable, not changeable) and l set up it on Google Auth. the my Brave account 2FA is now active.

ıf you know any soltions plaese let me know.

thanks again

Check settings on this option, may be your problem will solve

My friend,
is there any address so that l can contact to customer service of Brave?

I have had the same problem for two months …

I have had the same problem for two months …

@steeven @Mattches

Have you ever contact to the customer service?

have you ever contact to the customer service?

Yes, and I went unanswered.

Yes I applied but they said they couldn’t find a solution


I still have not been paid for any month since February 2020 but have been paid consistently before that. When are they going to fix this problem?

My friend,
Do you have problem that as l have? About ‘‘removing 2FA’’?

We have logged the 2FA issue internally and will be working to get it resolve as soon as possible. Thank you.

Dear Friend,
Thank you very much for your help and kindness. I will be waiting until this issue is solved.
With best regards

Mattches via Brave Community <>, 8 Haz 2020 Pzt, 19:52 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

My pleasure.
Please be patient and don’t open any additional threads on this issue. If you see someone else on Community who has it, please direct them to this thread.