Payout problem due to 2fa removal


my problem that last Month i lost my 2fa app and i did the procedure of removal so for that my last month i didin’t receive my payout due to your rules …but for this month also its sad that :"""At the time we generated the payout report your account was in locked status from removing your 2FA.

You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle."""

how it can be 2 months without payout due to 2fa removals ?!

please fix may problem

thank you ,

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Thanks for reaching out @cryptobcpm.

cc @asad @steeven for assistance here


:slight_smile: can you help me?
I lost 2FA and could not access my account

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when you connect with your email and it come to the window to enter your 2fa code there is a link to click if you lost your 2fa app click on it and follow simple step its easy

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