Payout on Progress

Good day guys. On my brave account it says that payout in progress… Is this for real?? Or just another issue?

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Hi @melotsky,

The next grant payout is scheduled for April 8th.

Thanks for reaching out!


Hi I just would like to ask… Coz its been a week but the status still payout in progress… Hmm ia this another bug? Just wondering… Hopefully it is not…

Same here too. I also got 40+61 BAT (101) in tips, while my publisher site only shows 52 pending. I understand there is a fee for transaction, but not almost 50% right?

Have a good day!

Hi @Jamaianax,

Sorry for your troubles here! Payouts are scheduled for today, but could take up to a day or so for your wallet balance to update.

What’s the URL for your publishers site? I can help to troubleshoot the discrepancy.

Thanks again for your post and for reaching out!

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Hello Sir.
I cant get BAT from Brave rewards to Uphold on April 8th. What does it mean “Payout is progressing”?

it looks like there will be another problem on this payout?

@melotsky your account is fine or suspended sorry for the questions, because many people loss their account today


that is bad… all of here are expecting a payout…

Same… Payout on Progress

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now my account is under review again… so is this a scam? or something? we help the brave to get know by the other users and this is all we got…

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Hello sir, my account suspended, but why sir? please sir open my account please sir ,

Same everywhere i think so they are just rewarding bat to their own people

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@Avinash20 tell them bro

yeah i think so… their prioritizing their own people… after that nothing…

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This is getting out of hand tsk tsk very very bad Brave

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Good support brave, today I enter my content creator account and I receive the message that I am in review do not know why? according to unusual activity, but I have not committed such acts all my received bats are of references of followers and the donations are of the same I hope they solve the problem this is my mail from my account of creator of conrenido: [email protected] WEBSITE: 24HTRADING.COM

Good day!

I got 36.575 in my uphold today, so that is already done!

My publisher still says 52.25 pending, just like before the payout.

At least i got some of the money, i can keep you updated in the next coming days. I perfectly understand not everything will go smoothly in this mess, you guys are still rocking :wink:

Of course a new project will have its bumps, just got to keep on driving!

Publisher url btw:

and a screenshot of my publishers page.

Have a good day, and good luck!

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