Payout not transferring since late 2020

Description of the issue: Haven’t received payout in forever
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Receive reward
  3. Funds hung in wallet and not transferring to Uphold
  4. Contacted support
  5. Support asked for email to uphold account offered to just send the amount to my account. Nice but doesn’t really fix the issue. At least that is the impression given.
  6. Asked questions no communication for over a month.
  7. Not my intention to come off adversarial to Brave support nothing but respect! Just explaining my experience thus far and would like to better understand the issue and get a resolution.

Expected result: correct the issue, communicate with support about the nature of the issue, learn more, get funds that are sitting in local wallet to transfer

**Brave Version( check About Brave):1.23.75

Additional Information: When wallet is connected to uphold account, both uphold balance and amount on local wallet shows up but in Uphold account funds not showing up, Windows / Brave instance over a year old. Inquired about getting the recovery phrase so I can uninstall / reinstall Brave but like many other attempts at communcation no response.

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yes this issue is unsolved since a year they are assessing the problem so wait.

How long can you assess a problem? Could be an issue with uphold… they are another component to this and were quick to chuck the issue over the fence. A workaround would be to allow you to send / receive BAT straight from the browser instance. That would mean coughing up the key

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