Payout not recieved for verified uphold account

I’ve not received the payment for the month of December . I’ve a verified uphold account. According to the pinned post the payout has been process is completed. Please help me out here. @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana
My uphold id is : 9f97d393-870d-46c3-876a-79cb5ebf8d1f


same issue with me sir

Same issue with me. I have not recieved BAT payout Yet. But payment Process is completed

Same issue here also.
Uphold ID : c7e7fee5-501f-45c7-bbb0-f72ae5052ec6

If your wallet is verified with Uphold, then the issue you’re having is likely due to Uphold’s new CDD requirements.

Please see the following post for more information on the issue and how to proceed:

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