Payout is spotty at best and won't sync on mobile

Response From brave software developer in google play store today. I’m not trying to get rich off of this app or life (I’d live differently) I’m just wanting to see brv foster a commitment of compassion. One I can recommend soon…

was very excited to see a project of level shoot up to number one in the Google play store. Never shows paying/usages on mobile. Has an arbitrary limit that seems impossible to reach- see image. “25BAT” ALWAYS AND FOREVER? This, is my MAJOR Wellington beauty issue

Every update would create chaos on the payment/tip system.!!! Ok? Nice concept

But since, that’s about it. Can’t recommend.

Since day 1/week user… It has been a lot of headache. Nothing accept uphold has synced and payments are spotty. Hit or miss. Will get imagine this week of proof. Have 2 accounts and original keys/ pass phrase. This is just one…thx

Was a great concept.

As a power note 9,10,20user the app never sync’s.

Same with several desktops. Monsters. Water-cooled etc.

Am just starting a ticket and will follow up with more info.

Win7, Win10 and Note’s samsung

Additional Information:

More to come!