Payout is spotty at best and won't sync on mobile Part2

Part 2 :part_alternation_mark::part_alternation_mark::part_alternation_mark:

Well here is today. Now,

Just more proof :cowboy_hat_face:
Thx in advance, please help resolve payment sync across all platforms.

I’m only sharing images as manifestations of proof of help.


Thanks for reporting @DonettaTrump - what OS and Brave version are you on?

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My pleasure!
Win 7 … Kali… Etc
win 10 (image)
Note samsung also in 1st post (imagine) of “25bat” NEVER reached… in over a year m8

The most current version on Google play and

Have you tried connecting your wallet?

Also I setup 2 accounts on different devices and never disconnected them.

It will d.c with each update and yes I reconnect both accounts each time with the original fast phrases

Please try disconnecting and reconnecting them.

@steeven :frowning: :frowning:

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Have attached several imagines.
Will show more proof but yes, did.

Nothing new, mobile says not enough to verify

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