Payout in progress till december


Well, I’m about to stop all of this, and close all my accounts/wallets related to BAT, to be honest… It looks like all of this tipping just doesn’t work like it should, and I’m bored of all of this…

Months it’s like this, I’ve contacted support here, and uphold, nothing new !
It’s just stuck, and never show on uphold…

My account was disabled for few weeks/months, because it was impossible to sync my 3 different computer on uphold, and I was in a need to format two of them. So I tipped myself to not lose my BAT, on the only one wallet showing up on uphold. It was more than 350 BAT, and 100 just disappeared during the process… No idea what happend, where it goes, etc…

Any idea what should I do ?
Now I don’t care of the 100 BAT disappeared, I just want all of this to work, and to see the BAT I have in my uphold wallet…

Can somebody help on this ?

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You can write about it in official bat community in reddit. The problem of my creator account was solved within 4-5 days.

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I’ll give it a try, thanks for your advice !

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Hi @Inferno114, please DM me the email that you wrote in from and I can help to investigate. Thanks.

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