Payout in progress since June


My Brave Publishers has not had a payout since June, though there is about 28 BAT among my channels, and it has read “payout in progress” for a while now.

Is there a new threshold for an amount of BAT needed to trigger a payout? I have not seen any notifications that would make me think there’s something wrong with my account.



Yea, same here… I can’t even download any “statements” but my payout has been in progress since June as well. What’s going on?

Everything is good on my end too… I’ve been patiently waiting now I know I’m not the only one.

Can someone help us?


quick update… just received one of my deposits… waiting for the remaining balance. Stay tuned

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I must have received some of mine at the same time. It is strange that it has been many months.

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