Payout date, didn't see panel to claim, need help

as i know , today is payout day.
just want to know how long it will take transfer pending BAT to my uphold wallet.?
(the uphold wallet has been verified).
some of the topic said, the brave browser will shows panel to claim it… however there is no any panel shows up,
so… when or how soon will it shows panel or transfer BAT to uphold wallet?

Hi @kwanghwhi, welcome to Community!

It will take up to 2 days for your Ads BAT to complete payout.

thank you for reply.
i will wait for it… and lets see

Same to me here, Since i joined brave back in september 2019, i never received any payment on my uphold wallet, yet i have verified.
There is no any panel to claim the bat, its just shown up there i have 25 BAT, but they never send them.
I now have these feeling they choose people and send them the BAT and leave others out. So sad if its actually true.

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Today is payout day and for the past 5 months (since November) I don’t get any option to claim my ads BAT rewards and transfer them to my Uphold wallet (it is verified). Please help

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