Payments to uphold

I tipped BAT to uphold but the same didn’t reflect into my uphold account. I want to know where did my BAT go?

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Did you tip to

If you tipped to, then I’m afraid you lose your BAT because you sent it to

Can you share the transaction/tip history? Just want to make sure.

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Yes it was sent to
How do I transfer it to my account?

Please share with us a screenshot of the transaction. If you tip your bats with uphold then I’m afraid you loose your money.

Hello @Monojeet_brahma. Those bat are gone. Think for the future now.

I’m thinking for the future but then I still can’t connect my brave browser with my uphold account.

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If you want to connect uphold with your brave at your mobile device this is not possible for the moment. The team is working …

That’s disappointing.

Cannot be made everything immediately. :slight_smile:

A few months ago … I try, swich on your Mobile Browser to PC view. I made for this way.

It worked? BAT from your mobile device gone to your uphold wallet?

before the actually upgrade it was work

While now don’t work.

maybe here can get the answer

No answer there. I don’t find nothing.

put on the message the screenshot and other details. Don’t surrender, if you don’t give it by tip.