Payments to blocked countries. Funds lost?

Hi all. Hello @steeven @eljuno

I am in a blocked country and this month I should have had my last payout (according to the moderators of this forum). The payment came, but now I have two questions.

  1. I have 19,795 BAT on my balance, but they paid me (in my office) 19313 BAT. I did not receive about 480 BAT. How will things stand with them? will I receive them in the next months, until all my settings are confirmed?
  2. It took 19313 (according to statistics) from my office, but the payment came to APHOLD less, only 19 226 BAT. about 90 BAT were lost somewhere.

I’m wondering if I will receive all my honestly earned coins at the end of the program?


too much bats that fine how you do boy

lol. “Today is the anniversary of the day you joined our community”. This is an interesting coincidence.
exactly a year ago, I had an account ban for 1.5 weeks and I registered on this day a year ago to solve the problem.
Today looks like the last letter. And again I am in trouble. I hope the problem will be resolved.

oh yes, I have been promoting the browser for a long time. Much has changed since that time, I have found different tools to attract people, I have social groups, a channel. Was upset when my country was canceled.

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Do you have a telegram, can I follow you?

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yes, I have telegrams, but I don’t really do that. no response

Hi @Dushniy - please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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