Payments tab freezing


I’m having a bunch of problems with the payments functionality since upgrading to 0.19.105. In preferences, the payments tab loads partially, then freezes. Here is what I see:

If I switch to another tab, that tab shows, but attempting to switch back to the payments tab does nothing (previous tab still displayed).

This happened after I tried to deposit ETH and upgraded the browser. The ETH is gone from my wallet, and I don’t seem to have access to it anymore.

Thanks for your help


Hi @Assaf

What’s your OS?



I’m on OSX High Sierra (10.13.2)


Hi @Assaf

Could you please navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/brave and open your ledger-state.json file (you can just use a text editor to view this file, you will not be making any changes to it). Locate paymentId in this file and private message this information to me please.



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