Payments not. 1000 download and 448 install

Tell me why I did not pay tokens for June?
I have a verified account with uphold and a verified YouTube channel.
in may I received the payment. but in June do not exist. on my link downloaded browser 1,000 times and imposed 448 !!! I promote BRAVE and talk about it wherever possible. and I really want to get paid.
my mail
Thanks. waiting for your understanding

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Hey @Batbest, there are tons of similar threads. Please do not open the same one yet again. It is not helping to Brave team and to you too. It is clear that there is a payout problem, and we need to wait for the team’s announcement of what is going on. And honestly, It is very unlikely that they wound not pay the rewards. Thank you for the patience.

@macropulos I know you’re trying to be helpful, but I keep finding your reply like spam on every message. It’s not providing a solution, and it’s simply shunning people from posting. I can’t find an “original” BAT Not Posting Link, so I can’t blame anyone for creating a new thread. I agree patience is needed, but some of these folks have been waiting months, so a statement from the Dev team would be prudent at this point. It might quell the wave of posts regarding this.

@continental In other words, creating dozens of similar topic is helping to solve the situation? In my opinion, a duplicate thread in itself is spam, because before you post something, you should search for the similar topic. So, they would see that the problem is ongoing and they could subscribe to the topic. Sometimes I have feeling that it is the first internet discussion that people have been part of.

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@macropulos You may be right–this may be the first internet discussion they’ve had. Many folks are also struggling to read/write in English as non-native speakers. And then there’s the $ aspect, making people anxious. Some folks have real/immediate needs for the BAT they feel they are promised, and it may be substantial. I have noticed that creating multiple threads, or commenting on similar threads DOES get a more immediate response. Squeaky wheels get all the grease.

I agree with you that having multiple threads on the same topic is counter-productive.


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