payments in process

good morning, with all due respect I address you brave community first. I would like to receive help with a topic, it turns out that I am new in brave and I have been researching the topic for several days and I have made some referrals since 2018 in mid-October, when I return to the topic on the platform https: // publishers /

I generate income of approximately 19.43 BAT

I understand that this is from my two referral confirmations (5 dollar promotion)

As I realized that if payments are generated I decided to focus and as of today refer my link and make many facilities as I can.

I am really worried that he says the payment is in process and I have realized that it has been like this for a month or two.

Already in this new month I have several referrals but I am afraid that I will arrive at a large amount and they will not execute the payment and do not update the bat to take them to the Uphold bolletera. Thank you very much for your attention someone could help me with this quotation

Hi @nicolasicozamora - thanks for writing in. Can you share a screenshot of your referrals dashboard?

Hi Steeven, thank you very much for answering me, I address you with much respect before, the day I send you the message restore the YouTube channel on the reference platform and that as a consequence I eliminate the balance that wins me. I became very judicious to refer more users and at the time I carry the ones that are reflected below. but even so I am afraid that at the end of the month I will not update the payment dates and when I finish the month depending on the confirmed ones, I will not let the balance go to Uphold, thank you very much for your help to be very aware. a hug.

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