Payments going wrong, as in not going to the visited sites


Brave: 0.12.7
Electron: 1.4.20
libchromiumcontent: 53.0.2785.143
V8: 5.3.332.47
Node.js: 6.5.0
Update Channel: dev

OS: Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-bit (4.4.0-53-generic #74-Ubuntu SMP)

My first payment went totally wrong. After downloading the csv anticipating to see how my $10 would have been divided over my included sites.

To my horror none of them where even listed. Instead a site I visited for the first time after the list was cleared (by I assumed the monthly payment) was the sole beneficiary of my $10. And to make it worse, I almost immediately excluded it for payments. It is a web shop, so they get their earnings a different way.

This is really, and I mean really, disappointing. As a precaution I have now lowered my monthly amount to $5. I do not again wish to fund $10 to a site that should not be funded this way.

I understand that this is all still in beta and do not blame you for anything, but man … it was a killjoy. I mean FFS … I had curated my list to only include sites that should benefit this brave new revenue (pun intended). To see it instead go to only one site, and a web shop to boot. sniff

Anyway: is there anything I can help you with if this is unknown behavior?

Keep ledger after payment

in truth, i’ve never seen contributions go elsewhere than what is reported by the about:preferences#payments page.

please send an email to with your bitcoin address (any wallet you have) and i’ll refund you $10 equivalent in BTC.

if you also want to include the .csv file that was generated, that’d be great, thanks! i’d like to figure out what’s going on, because it’s rather mystifying!!!


Thanks for the very kind offer. I sent the email including the csv file off to you.

I will make a safety backup of the ledger files before the next payment happens. If it goes wrong again, it might be something typical with my install, but you will then have the ledger files to look at as well.

Are there any other files you would like me to backup other than ledegr-publisher, -scores, -state and -synopsis?

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