Payments - Any Brave users who do NOT use it?


Hey Bravarians (Bravosi? Braverati? Fellow Community Members?),

I’m doing some research on Payments and am looking for people who have never turned it on / don’t get it / don’t use it.

Could you send me a DM or hit me up on the thread?


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I don’t use it. I mean, I can’t use my googlemail with the browser so I have not been able to give it a chance.

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I have not turned it on yet - was considering it but haven’t entered the world of cryptocurrency and just downloaded brave yesterday. Bit of a comfort / educational barrier before I go through the process. Happy to help if you need something.


I don’t use it yet. I think we might pay more attention if publishers started mentioning it.


I’m trying, but when the contribution day comes, no BATs are donated to the creators on youtube.


I use it with the free money that Brave gave me. At least a quarter of all the money I send is to pinned sources, so that I don’t overpay some groups or so I can donate to the internet archive.


I have a similar issue but no contributions went out to anyone.


I don’t use it yet. I haven’t had the time to do the proper research.


Yes, exactly my problem too.


I have never been able to understand what the payments are for, whom to make it and how to make it.
Brave gave me some BATs, and after OS got formatted those r gone. Don’t think the passphrase was emailed earlier.


I like the idea and will probably use it when I switch to Brave as my primary browser. I’m dependent on Keepass and its autofill capability in Chrome and other browsers, so I’m not yet able to make that switch, but I’m looking forward to the day.


Yo no lo uso no puedo usar, así que no he podido probar la oportunidad


OK I have taken a look and sadly until there is a simple gateway for paying the monthly contributions directly from a fiat source (PayPal, credit cards etc), I won’t personally be using it, just because for those of us who are liable for capital gains tax, every line in a crypto account becomes a reportable tax event, so it’s not a practical option for micropayments. Having said that, here in the UK we have quite a large annual individual capital gains tax allowance, so for most UK residents this may not be an issue.


I tried it and now I stopped using it, because it literally doesn’t work (not the ecosystem, I mean things like this ). I would never put my money in a system so obviously broken, because clearly brave is currently still very far from being able to establish a stable system to support creators. So I choose AdBlock and things like Patreon.

Edit: By “obviously broken” I don’t mean the fact that I have an issue, but the fact that various people have various issues, some mentioned in this very thread, and there is no major improvement in sight (like "we are aware of issues a,b,c,d and e and release X will be a major step forwards, coming on date Z). And to me, money, even small amounts is an issue of trust, and I do not trust the system as is.


It seems like a good idea, but yet it also doesn’t make sense or seem as though there’s been any uptake. What publishers? Which sites participate? How do we find that out?

There’s also a lack of clarity on getting started.

A local newspaper just instituted a paywall. if I could use it to get past that paywall, I’d be deliriously happy. But as I said above, there’s no clarity, it is not laid out with simplicity and user ease.


Same here. I’m open to the idea and am curious how it might be made to be interactive with Medium, but won’t be able to get to really looking into it for a while yet.


I’d pay if i could simply plug in a credit card and be done with it.

All the privacy preserving magic should be just that, magic that transparently converts my credit card payment in to BATS and onwards onto publishers.


Haven’t turned it on yet.


I don’t use it. It seems like a good idea, but I don’t really understand how it works. How do I find out what sites participate in the program? Who or what determines how much of my money goes to a particular site? Can I choose the sites I want to contribute to? I don’t want some algorithm to decide to pay a site based on the amount of time I spent there, when the reason was that it was so badly organized that I could not find what I was looking for, rather than it provided me with anything of value. I think the whole process needs to be explained more clearly before I would decide to participate.