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Any headway on getting the credit card feature working? I noticed a post stating they were able to use a visa card, yet under my payments tab, it still states credit card feature not active, but coming soon. Is there an ETA on that as I think that would really open up participation. Also, as for the BAT wallet, is there any thoughts on being able to fund, but also send out BAT to other wallets directly instead of just publishers? I think the increased options to do so would make it more attractive to people trying it out. Just a thought…



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Looks like the CC integration will happen in the Mercury Phase (Summer 2017). The payment processor for CC looks to be Stripe but it remains uncertain how the BAT wallet will be setup.

Also there is a User Growth Pool of 300M tokens that

A certain number of users will receive BATs for downloading the Brave browser. Users will be able to spend these tokens for regular or premium content, or they can donate them back to their favorite publishers.

It’d be ideal if the built-in BAT wallet would function like any other ERC20 compatible wallet with send/receive to anyone instead of just publishers. However, that could also lead to a lot of fraudulent accounts setup/Brave downloads to game the User Growth Pool incentives (free BAT given to Brave users).

Hope the Brave team will share more details over the coming months…


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