Payment Uphold June not been received CREATORS

hello this month’s payment has not been received.

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El período de pago se ha completado por completo y no ha recibido pago.

The payment period is completely completed and I have not received my payment


@Paco12 please DM me the email linked to your account.

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Sir, I had to receive my payment on 12 June but my account was taken under review saying we noticed some unusual activity, but I contacted support and suspension team, there was no response from their side could you please help me in this regard
My email is :

create another post for your problem, please

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Please check dm I am also having same issue

I have same issue sent my email address in dm
Pls look into it once

Same issue here! :wave:

Thanks in advance!

Is your issue fixed? I am having the same issue … I actually was trying to change my auth code. So my account was restricted for a day I don’t know if that was the reason?

Can you help me with my creators’ account?

Same issue, my browser is completely updated, and today I my tokens have been diminished, only tokens earned this month left!
Please Help!

I think we have only one way now if our not issuing a response from them about the process is it going or not,
Tag brave Sampson and Brenden on a tweet acknowledging your issue

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