Payment settings page fail to load after changes made


I changed the settings for payments (to time = least, times = 1) and hit “Save/OK”. The page then was updated and I got this:


When trying to refresh the settings page this page flashes for a fragment of a second, only to end up with the same image as above.

I’ve tried updating, restarting, clearing cache/cookies etc but nothing helps.

I can view and make changes to the other settings pages/tabs without a problem.


Could you check if any other tabs has the same frown faced web view crash?


All the other tabs work.

Also tried on my other (synced) desktop device. Payments tab works there. Tried to alter the settings to see if them getting synced would help. Nope :frowning:


Any news on this? Brave has been updated a couple of times since i filed this, but the error is still there.

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