Payment scale for adverstisers

Trying to understand whether there’s a payment threshold or a scale for advertisers. When I get an ad notification and the advertiser’s URL opens in a new Browser tab, are they paid? Is there a sliding scale based on how much time I spend viewing the site vs. clicking links within the site?

Great question! It works just like any other page you visit.

If you have auto-contribute on (most browsers do as it is default), there is a measurement of how long and how frequently you visit a publisher.

So they are included in the auto-contribute table, but their percentage will be based on whether or not you stayed or closed the tab/navigated to other publishers.

My question was related to Brave’s ad notifications and when/how the advertisers are paid. For example:

  • Are they getting paid if I just receive the notification?
  • After viewing an advertiser’s URL, I’m interested in browsing more but have to do it later. So I bookmark it. If I go back into the website later, will they get revenue?

Advertisers don’t get paid for ads, users do. :slight_smile:

If you visit the url later and have auto-contribute on, it’s just as my prior response.

Understood now. Thanks