-Payment report- How long should I wait?

So, this is the 8th of August 2020. Earlier today, since this is my first payout I thought to myself “Hey it’s payout today, what if I go withdraw my Brave Rewards”. Then all of a sudden this ; “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.”. I would be tempted to think that this may be common, but it is now 11:14pm, the Payout Progress still says the same thing so I am now a little worried.

Does Brave has an issue I should be aware of about payment? This is my first time using it too and honestly I’m a little disappointed.

EDIT: Just for additional info, yes, I’m fully verified (Brave and Uphold). I have a relatively small amount of 50+ BAT.

It’s not started yet. > Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

@eljuno will the payment start from 10th???

Oh, okay. I hope that’s the case then. If it hasn’t stated yet, does this mean it has something to do with the Time Zones? it’s UTC+8:00 here.

typically the payouts begin on the 5th for Browser users and on the 8th for Creators. Payouts can continue for several days, and are not necessarily paid exactly on the 5th or 8th. This can also be affected by weekends and holidays, and when exceptional issues occur. Things seem to have gotten delayed this month.

Also, if this is your first payout, there are sometimes issues if you haven’t been verified for a whole month. I’m not saying it will happen, but depending on when you were verified, it’s possible your payout could be delayed to the following month. I hope that does not happen and you get it soon.

As @eljuno mentioned, this month’s creator’s payouts will start on the 10th. They may take several days to finish. Good luck and Welcome!

@continental Thanks for letting me know, this has been bugging me a bit. :slight_smile:

according to the MegaThread payments will actually begin today, but the thread is going to be locked, which tells me it could still take a couple days to get them all done

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