Payment Prefs: Remove publishers that have declined payments


Briefly put, I’m looking for a way to go into the “Advanced Options” and remove any publisher that has essentially refused their funding by letting the payments go unclaimed more than 90 days. In other words, for any publisher whose funds have gone back to the User Growth Pool (UGP).

I understand there’s a purpose to the UGP, but here’s my thinking: I want Brave Payments to work, and I want Publishers to sign up. So, I figure one way to do that is to select the “Allow contributions to non-Verified sites” option. But I really want my contributions to attract new Publishers, and selecting essentially everyone waters that down. So, if I could eliminate Publishers who are not interested in supporting that model (as evidenced by letting their payments expire and go to UGP), I could more quickly build up payments in the accounts of those Publishers who may be interested. For example, I can probably drop Facebook from the list, because I’m betting they’re not fans of Brave, haha.

At the very least, if Brave actually published two searchable lists, it’d be helpful:

  1. Verified Publishers
  2. Publishers whose payments have gone to the UGP

In other words, if you’re not interested in integrating such a list into the browser prefs call, I could search the second list and do it myself :wink:



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