Payment of rewards

Again this month I got the “Congratulations! Your March rewards have arrived!” but still no deposit. What to do?

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@ZANONIPOA You’re asking too early. If you look at the banner that they have pinned to the top, you’ll see payments are still processing, assuming you’re speaking of Uphold. You can never go by the thing saying payments have arrived. It just automatically says that around the 8th of each month regardless.

I have the same problem and its not too early now, payments say compete above but i have not received them.

@monty360 when says complete and haven’t received, then have to create a Rewards Support Ticket at and Support should be able to investigate and resolve for you.

I have not received my BAT rewards for April 2023. My browser indicates they have been received. However, They have not been deposited to my Uphold account.


Me as well.
I’m reaching out to support.

I have the same problem. I filed a ticked with support and they were no help. They responded with a link to a change in TOS which required users to be verified, but my account has been verified for over a year. I find it offensive a support member would answer a ticket without checking anything about the account.

I summited a ticket to support, but it was no help. The response said my profile has been flagged for unusual activity and that the flag will remain. all I have done is set my browser to receive rewards and held those rewards in my verified account. I’ve sent a couple tips here and there. I’ve literally only accumulated about 38 BAT over the last few months, so I don’t know how that can be flagged as unusual.

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I filed another ticket after I had commented and they asked me for some info and then never bothered to update on what happened or what’s going on. They’re not very helpful or seem to care.

Hi @cvbatman, @jerryC1, I’m following up with DM’s to better understand your situation.