Payment of May 6 not received

hello it’s been almost 10 days since I wait for my payment can you help me thank you

u should wait to come next update then u will receive ur old paymnt

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when I go to update it says that brave is updated
should i wait for another update

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maybe next month. …

6 mayıs benimde kayıp güncelleme olmasına rağmen hiç bir şey düzelmedi

What version do you currently have in Brave?

I have this version V1.8.96

Bonjour J’ai cette version V1.8.96
Sur pc windows 8

Payment day is approaching and you blocked my reward.
interesting! yesterday it was oki.

@jack76p @ragr28 @salvirus @blittle376 @Erdal

Mine was like that last month but was updated towards the payment date (the 8th). I’m sure you will receive your payment as well.

hello me since May 6 no payment has been made I hope that on June 6 I will have my payment for the 2 months at the same time

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I’m missing payments starting in March 2020. I have not been able find any information on the status from Brave nor have I received they responds to any queries. Something doesn’t smell right to me.



**How the heck is going on with payments of BAT. Haven’t a deposit in months and nobody is providing any answers.