Payment not recived

When will i recive my payment(Unverified wallet).


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Should my payment still be processing? I verified my wallet with Uphold at the end of March, and I haven’t gotten any BAT payments since. I noticed on a separate device that I already received my payment, so I’m wondering why Brave running the latest version on my desktop is any different.

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They said that the payments for verified wallets will be processing from tommorrow.

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payments happen from the 5th to the 8th… And payments this month might be delayed because of maintenance

I checked my Uphold activity, and I actually haven’t received a payout since March 5th. I verified my account at the end of that month to deposit the past earnings, but since then I haven’t gotten anymore. I have a pending balance of a little less than 12 BAT earned that hasn’t hit my account yet. Also, strangely my browser is telling me the next payout isn’t until July 5th. I wish I hadn’t just recommended this program to someone, since it’s clearly broken.

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