Payment not recieved

Hi, Payment day is the 5th from reading the FAQ’s I got 35 from a member on the 6th in the morning. I run Brave on 3 different computers, Yesterday the 6th 2 read 31.4 and 1 at 31.7 In the afternoon these dropped to 11ish so if my maths are any good, that would make 60, 20 each.

From the 35 I received that morning I’d used 6 tipping, leaving me with 29…here I go again with maths…shouldn’t my total now be 89?

Have you gotten rid of the button to claim ad rewards because I’ve never seen it. Yes I am verified on Uphold too.

Im in the UK Latest Version 1.4.96 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Looking at the transaction history in my uphold wallet. The 35 I received in the morning was the payout for Feb even though it says December on it. So the 60 estimated BAT that disappeared in the afternoon effectively was halved. Something is either sh*t at numbers or ya screwing people.

Their estimates are in my case way off…got 35 for 60 that’s just over half. That’s not an estimate, it’s a random number pulled out of the air. Something isn’t working right, payday is on the 5th but got paid on the 6th @1:13am for half of the estimation.

What gets me is, why is it an estimate? can’t computers count? I even clicked on all the ads that showed, even signed up to 2. I started clicking on them as for the first 9 days of Feb I didn’t have any.

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