Payment not recieved of month january nor february

Hello @steeven you have told me that i will recieve my january & february month bat tokens on february but still i did not recieve my bat yet!! Please consider my problem now immediately and solve my issue !!

Same on my position. I think we need to be patient.
Small Team, much work. :wink:


In January month also i wait patiently for my december tip bat but nothing happened :persevere::pensive:
I am totally disappointed !!

@steeven if u see this post then please initiate my bat this time for god sake!

That’s not a good way to ask for something :thinking:

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Strange, I just got an email with the transfer.

Did you get paid to view ads? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes i did, Today. I am glad that i received it. :hatching_chick: Be patient. I never had serious problems before.

Sabes si pagaran a los editores por las referencias :frowning:

Hi all - please DM me your wallet ID if you have not received your payment.


same problem here, i haven’t received my BAT earnings this year

@steeven ,first of all i m sorry for my behaviour , i did not mean it! I am vey much disappointed because i did not recieve my bat yet, as its been two months that i did not recieve my bat !!

And how can we find our wallet id ?

I am just giving my information , so you can find easily the exact issue

My email:-

I am also uploading my brave publisher account
screenshot in this


@steeven i had just given my details of publisher account , please now initiate bat tokens to my connect uphold account

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