Payment not enough BAT

Hello. I had 9 confirmed group 1 and 1 confirmed group 2 for April and May. It is total 9 x 7.5 + 1 x 6.5 = $74.
That is mean I earned ~ $74 / 0.24 = 308 BAT minimum (Highest rate 1 BAT coin is equal $0.24 April and May
But I just got 176 BAT first payment in July. Please check for me!

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This is the same problem that i have

You can solve that issue ?

@eljuno Please help me!

You can’t calculate it like that.

For confirmed referral, you’ll get paid in BAT following the BAT price at the time it’s confirmed/paid – so you’ll not received the same amount for each confirmed referral.

See your statement – Referral breakdowns – for the details.

Thank you for the fast reply. But $74 is equal to 176 BAT, it is impossible

Did you check your statement for other month? Referral is paid monthly.

July is the first month I connect Uphold and got the payment. There is no other payment

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