Payment Drag and Drop feature not working Still



On my desktop, the drag and drop feature for the claiming of bat payment isnt allowing the triangle to correctly trigger.

Tried again by closing webpage and changing desktop resolution from to a lower res. I am not using a 4k monitor, just a 1920 monitor.

I tried rebooting computer but still finding the same issue. For some reason the drag and drop feature just isnt working out as intended. I did read the other 2 threads with similar issues but even following their steps it wouldnt work on my desktop.

Im running Win 10. So maybe i need to change brave properties and run as administrator?


Hi @parplaya,

Can you just try to match the triangle? Also, make sure your DPI setting is set to 100%.

Thank you,


Holy smokes. I forgot that my zoom level was set to 110%.

changing it back to 100% was able to let me get the triangle connected on the first try.

What do you think causes this? Just curious.


What do you think causes this? Just curious.

It may be something like this: the things on your screen scale up, but the actual pixel targets don’t scale (say, because their position is fixed or set absolutely). And so visually, it may look like you’re hitting the target, but the actual target pixels are somewhere else.

It’s kind of like looking at fish when you’re standing above water. When you reach into the water where you see the fish, you expect to touch it. But they’re always actually somewhere else. Your perception of them is skewed because of the refraction of water. As an analogy, you can think of zooming or DPI scaling as changing the refraction!


Just glad to know it’s works for you @parplaya :blush:


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